The story of Microgaming

Online Casino CanadaIt’s hard to imagine how online gaming would look without the presence of the Microgaming software company. When you talk about industry pioneers you can place Microgaming up there with Apple and Microsoft when it comes to online gaming. They are as important as that in an industry that gives pleasure to millions of people around the World.

Making the correct choice of which software to power their online casino has been a vital one to make. And there is no escaping the fact that every Canadian online casino that has opted for Microgaming has found themselves at the very top.

Microgaming casinos are sitting on top of the World

Microgaming have been around the online gaming scene for more than fifteen years, and hundreds of thousands of online players have begun their gaming experience with a Microgaming casino bonus to see them through their first steps online as a real money player.

If the truth be told, Microgaming have long since graduated from being a mere software developer into a company that works hand in hand with the online casinos that use their software to become an all-round casino package deal.

This kind of cooperation means only good news for the online player, as online casinos combine their energies, talents and marketing budgets to beat off the challenge of the other online casinos which are not in their framework.

This kind of cooperation breaks down to bigger bonuses to take part in joint promotions, larger promotions including Microgaming’s famous progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots were once restricted to slot games only. However nowadays there are forms of progressive jackpot tournaments going on in just about any game you care to mention. These include video poker, blackjack, craps, roulette and bingo to name just a few.

What separates MGS from the competition

Microgaming member casinos are among the largest organizers of Texas Hold’em poker tournaments with large prizes being competed for 24/7. As the principal movers and shakers of this super popular game of skill and resolve, Microgaming have projected many unknown online poker players to instant fame and considerable wealth through competing and winning a major televised Texas Hold’em poker tournament.

Those talented people who are involved in the world of online gaming will tell you that the industry is so dynamic that there is never a moment to stand still.

That’s why Microgaming’s marketing department along with their online casino partners are burning the midnight oil all day and every day to come up with interesting promotions to keep their players on their toes. Not a holiday, special event or anything else that is worth celebrating and Microgaming will find a promotion to help celebrate it, and back it up with a huge bonus to help the holiday go by with a bang!

That’s why they got so big. And big in Microgaming’s case is certainly beautiful.