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How To Play Online Slots

Like most of Canada, we love playing online slots. We are pros in this arena. Slots are immersive, accessible and easy to play. Whether you’re playing traditional or a pimped out version themed like your favorite movie, we are here to give you the ultimate guide to online casinos and winning at their online slot machines.
online slots
For those in the dark, slots are a game of chance. To win, you need to line up the right symbols at the right time. Once those fruits, letters, numbers or shapes line up to create the winning combos, you have the opportunity to really win big. Free slot games could be the way forward for you.
Playing slots online could not be easier. It’s done in a few simple steps. First you need to select your preferred pay lines along with the number of credits you feel like betting per line. (e.g. you may feel lucky and want to pick 9 pay lines with 5 credits on each). The next step is the most fun – spinning the slots! When you strike that winning combo, your prize will get added automatically to your casino account- then it’s your call- cash out or keep playing for more adventure.

Free Slots

For the best gaming experience, turn your phone to landscape mode.
  • Singapore Casino - Lady Luck
    Lady Luck
  • Singapore Casino - Luxury Rome
    Luxury Rome
  • Canadian slots - Goldilocks
  • SG slots - Fruit Spin
    Fruit Spin
  • Canadian slots - Book of Ra
    Book of Ra
  • Canadian slots - Lord of the Ocean
    Lord of the Ocean
  • Canadian slots - Dynasty of Ra
    Dynasty of Ra
  • Slots - Deal or no Deal
    Deal or No Deal
  • Slots Super Diamond Deluxe
    Super Diamond Deluxe
  • Slots - Jewel Twist
    Jewel Twist
  • Online slots Canada Princess Royal
    Princess Royal
  • Online slots Aztec Magic
    Aztec Magic
  • The pig wiizard slotThe pig wiizard slot
    The Pig Wizard
  • Genie Jackpots
  • Wish upon a Jackpot slot
    Wish Upon a Jackpot
  • Ted slot
    Ted Slot
  • Online slot Scruffy Duck
    Scruffy Duck
  • Slot - Dazzle Me
    Dazzle Me
  • online slot gnr
    Guns N Roses
  • online slots starburst
  • online slot invisible man
    The Invisible Man
  • Online slot Motorhead
    Motorhead Slot
  • Online slots Twin Spin
    Twin Spin Slot
  • Online slot lady of fortune
    Lady Of Fortune
  • Online slot lady of fortune
    Lady Of Fortune
  • Online slot ThunderStruck 2
    Thunderstruck 2
  • Online slot ThunderStruck 2
    Thunderstruck 2
  • Online slots Panda Mania
    Panda Mania
  • Online slots Panda Mania
    Panda Mania

Top Tips For Online Slots

  • Know your different slots
    There are different types of online slots out there. Classic slots will feature 3 simple reels with symbols including fruits, cherries and numbers. Video slots (5 Reel Slots) usually adapt to a theme of a popular movie or adventure (like Gladiator) and will feature approximately 5 reels and multiple pay lines- giving you more ways to win. Progressive slots also take the form of some kind of movie or adventure (for example The Dark Knight), but these games are geared towards a bigger win- an enormous jackpot that is connected to every player within that community. This jackpot does not reset until one winner was won- you can imagine the final sum is pretty enormous.
  • Play Your Multipliers
    You’ll know when you hit a multiplier as you’ll get extra winnings each time you hit a successful spin. Multipliers are often triggered during free slot games and free spin rounds. There have been cases where unusual symbols act as multipliers and lead to massive payouts for the chosen lucky players.
  • Benefit From The Simplicity
    Most games out there are amazing, but are structured with all kinds of rules and regulations during game play. Slots are quite possibly the easiest form of online gaming- they are as simple as it gets in the online casino. You start playing in a few simple steps (see above) and a few minutes later you can have quite a lot more in your casino account.
  • Know Your Payout Ratios
    Like all online casino games, slots are no different. All games have different payout percentages and they payout at different intervals. Speaking generally, games with large jackpots don’t pay out as frequently as others so to avoid a painful losing streak, find a game with regular payouts and you’ll be winning in no time.
  • Don’t Forget: You’re Playing For Fun
    Sometimes we get so caught up in the pressure of winning that we forget about the fun of the game. Online slots have been designed in a way to maximize the experience for incredible enjoyment. Enjoy the hot streaks and jackpots and don’t be too scared to take a break and call it a day when the winnings are high. Lady luck might not always be on your side, but play wisely and let yourself have fun.
  • Separate Your Stakes and Your Lines
    Sometimes when it comes to playing online slots, it’s better to not place a maximum bet, skimp on your coinage and bet a larger number of pay lines. Players should always remember: the more pay lines you engage, the greater the chance of winning. So many people don’t recognize this and end up losing when they don’t have to.

Free Online Slots

free online slotsIf you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the online gaming world with the standard rush of adrenaline, you should spend some time with some free online slots and boost your winnings the easiest way possible. We have hand-picked the best selection of online slots so you get to play only the premiere online versions of this game.
If you’re passionate about slots (we are!) look out for slot bonuses (first/next deposit) as these are massively popular. Note that the no deposit bonus with slots have a high percentage- sometimes 200-300% of your deposit amount.
Free online slots are the way forward if you’re looking for some good, clean, fast and uncomplicated fun. The games themselves allow a high payoff and there’s no need whatsoever to get to know a whole chapter of rules before the game begins. If it’s slots you’re after, it’s slots you’ll get! You can jump right in and start playing right away and have a great time.

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