Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino CanadaMobile casino in Canada is the next big buzz. In the world of gambling, mobile technology has certainly brought changes. The newest craze is playing games of chance and skill while on the move. Online gambling is not a revolution. Online casinos have been controversial for years, but when you take it to a tablet computer or smartphone, it adds a dimension. Now players can enjoy some casino slots or blackjack while sitting on the subway or getting fresh air at the park. Anywhere the phone shows bars or the computer can get access to the Web, you can play.

History of Mobile Casino

Mobile casino gaming is not new. As far back as 2005, researchers began to anticipate a jump in revenue from mobile casinos. In 2010, lead analysts determined that income from the previous year in this industry had topped 4.7 billion dollars internationally, although that was a considerable drop from earlier numbers. The reason for the decline was prohibition in United States on all forms of Internet gambling.

What is the Attraction?

The attraction to mobile casinos is not difficult to understand. The games found there have been around for centuries, and always with a following. The advantage is the same as it is with any thing mobile application – accessibility. The call of the tables is strong when you can play anytime, anywhere. Gambling is a past time that has always been a favorite. The advancements in mobile technology such an android systems make mobile casinos a natural progression.

It is the lure of money that draws them to any casino including ones that reign in the virtual world. The winning does not even have to be real money. Many games play for virtual dollars, which is tenement to bragging rights. It is the sparkle of the win and the need to compete that makes playing cards and slot games addictive in any universe.

The Mobile Gambling Market

Mobile casinos are in flux when it comes to regulation. Juniper Research is estimating that by 2017, the industry will be bringing in $100 billion dollars in revenue worldwide, but each country has its own laws regarding Internet gambling.

While the industry faces ban in the United States and Latin countries, with the exception of Argentina and Chili, Canada began opening the doors to mobile casinos in 2011. Regulations are more lax, but still somewhat regulated in European and Asian markets where it varies from country to country. Even with the restrictions, mobile gaming is expected to boom.

Internet gambling as a whole is building in the European countries. Revenues in the UK are expected to tip the scales among the 18 to 34-year-old set. Germany shows growth in the area, as well. The domineering countries for this industry are Norway and Sweden.

In Asia, both Japan and China ban mobile casinos. Just last year, Singapore legalized the mainstream, physical casinos. They are currently discussing widening the door to include mobile organizations.

The Future of Mobile Casinos

Not all mobile casinos use real money. Some deal strictly in virtual bucks and make their money off ads, but estimates coming from financial experts is strictly for wager income. The numbers are impressive if you consider the regulations and bans. With the recent decision by Apple to add to offer real money slot applications to their iPhone profile, those numbers will continue to rise.

The future seems to be expansion through social networking. Mainstream websites like Facebook are furthering the reach of casinos online. As more and more people make mobile devices their primary gateway to the Internet, mobile casinos are taking on a life of their own in the gambling markets.