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Live Casino Canada

Live casino brings the game to you, wherever you are. At work, on the train, in bed, on the sofa, live casino allows you to access your favorite online casino games with the greatest of ease. They have even brought in the social aspects to the game, they bring real dealers to your casino screen. The teams responsible for bringing these online games to you are working with the very best tech and have a mission to make the experience as thrilling as possible to keep you coming back. As time goes on, the live casino online experience will just keep getting better. We now have live dealers connecting to your computer screen via web cams, we have croupiers using extra large cards, making game play accessible and incredible.

Live casino games vary from casino to casino, but you could probably bet your bottom Canadian dollar that live blackjack, baccarat and live roulette will appear again and again as these games are loved by all and often encourage big winnings.

About The Live Casinos That We Recommend

We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. We hunted around high and low for the very best live casino experience to save you stress, time and a whole lot of money.

The Microgaming online casinos that we recommend all share the same live dealer setup – this is actually a good thing as you stay within your comfort zone when jumping from casino to casino – no surprises thrown at you. Our choices offer a variation of live-dealer casino games including live blackjack, live roulette and baccarat – it’s also worthwhile to note that in most casinos that we recommend, you will have a choice of a live dealer.

Keep an eye out for special features in your live casino games. Our sites offer more variety with games including French roulette, hold’em, various types of live roulette and different casino pokers. We noted that in some games, for example live blackjack, there could be an option that allows you to view and track players that have won hands using a specific table- you can then bet behind those players with the ultimate wager that they will hold onto their winning streak for a little while longer.

Live Dealer, Pros and Cons

Live Dealer CanadaPros: The pros of the live dealer casino are many. As previously mentioned, we love the fact that real human beings are brought into the online gaming world to make the whole experience more life like and real. The dealers are not just any old stand-ins, they are trained to flip the cards in the right order and also to create the best experience possible for the player.

Another massive plus of the live casino experience is that, for the beginner, it’s a great way to learn the ropes if you’re new to a game. Dealers are trained to be as helpful as possible, particularly when it comes to educating players who are new to the table and /or new to online gaming. If you’ve never played roulette before, then what better way to learn it than from an actual agent who knows the game inside and out. Even for us – a team of highly experience gamers, we loved the live dealer element of the games, the fact that there is a human element also makes you more comfortable in the fact that you’re not at the complete mercy of machinery.

Cons: It was a real struggle to find any cons whatsoever for the live dealer casino experience. For those who prefer a disconnected experience with no humans involved, it probably wouldn’t be a first choice of gaming experience. Also, the tech used by the online casino will be pretty slick – so you need to double check that your system can handle it. This should not be a problem as the live casino online experience is designed to work with most modern technology from iPads to mobiles to PCs – but it wouldn’t hurt to check your hardware and software just in case.

Bottom Line

Live casino is upon us and is very much here to stay. So it might be worthwhile to start familiarizing yourself with the platform and start enjoying. Playing with a live dealer is an experience that, once you start, you wont go back on. It’s more fun, more immersive and much more interactive than playing against another machine- the dealers are trained in customer satisfaction and can enormously help players who are new to the game. Live casino online also allows you to chat with other players without leaving your home – the experience is the next best thing to actually being in a real life casino. Head to our recommended casinos and and start experiencing it yourself. The technology is only going to get better as time goes on, so why not get started now and stay ahead of the game.