3 Tricks that Online Slots Beginners need to be aware of

SlotsSlots definitely isn’t a complicated game. In fact, it’s so easy that any gambling novice could sit down to a machine and immediately begin spinning the reels. But just because online slots games are easy to play does not mean that there aren’t certain things beginners should be aware of. This is especially the case when it comes to a few of the subconscious tricks that casinos use to keep players betting money. This being said, let’s look at three specific things that new slots players need to watch out for with regard to proper bankroll management.

  1. Interesting Game Themes that hold your Attention

    There’s good news and bad news when it comes to the new online slots games that are available today. The good is that some of these games have interesting themes that really add excitement and entertainment. For example, if you’re into superhero slots, there are plenty of X-Men, Spiderman and Incredible Hulk-themed games. Likewise, you might be interested in spooky slots that revolve around haunted houses or ghosts.

    The bad news is that these games are so well designed that players sometimes have trouble pulling themselves away. Moreover, you can get so wrapped up in the theme, animations and graphics that you completely forget about the money you’re betting. So if you want to avoid over-betting, don’t let yourself get too caught up in the game.

  2. Buttons and Bill Acceptors within Arm’s Reach

    The last tip that we discussed can go for either land-based or online slots. However, one that specifically covers land-based slot machines is where the bill acceptors and buttons are located. Slots manufacturers make sure that the buttons and slots that accept money are easily accessible. After all, it’s inconvenient to get out of your seat just to deposit money or spin the reels, right?

    But what seems like a nice gesture by casinos is even more for the house’s benefit. If you have to lean too far or get up to do something, then it’s breaking your concentration from the game. And this goes along with what we discussed about the themes/graphics, where the idea is to keep players focused on the machines. So again, be aware of what’s going on here and don’t keep subconsciously pumping money into the slots.

  3. The Pursuit of Bonus Rounds/Storylines

    While playing online slots and chasing jackpots is often exciting, constantly spinning the reels can get a little mundane. So what many games feature these days are second-screen bonus rounds. Like the name suggests, when these bonus rounds are activated, they take you to another screen where you’ll play a non-slots type of game. For example, you might try to reveal prizes in treasure chests or shoot objects for a higher score.

    Sounds fun enough, but some players get a little obsessed with going for bonus rounds. The same goes with storyline slots, where people continue playing to hit certain winning combinations and unlock more of the story. And while storylines and bonus rounds add a lot more entertainment to slots, players should never exceed their bankroll just to get to the next level.

Everything that we discussed so far makes online slots games more enjoyable. However, it’s definitely important not to get too caught up in the fun because it can quickly drain your bankroll.

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