Online Blackjack

Online BlackjackWelcome to the wonderful world of online Blackjack. What’s the difference? None. Oh, well, you do it on your computer as opposed to casinos, which are great, or an underground, unsanctioned event, which is highly discouraged. If you are considering online blackjack and don’t have a clue what you are doing, there is nothing to worry about. Set aside you apprehension and pay attention to these simple words of advice.

We have the potential of two different scenarios. The player who has played blackjack and is looking to play online casino and the individual who would like to play blackjack, has never played before and would like to try doing so online. Please take the information you deem as necessary and apply it to your given circumstance.

The online gaming industry is like a sea of activity. It can look refreshing and beautiful from a distance, but if someone were to just throw you in the middle of it, you’d panic and lose sight of all the fun it has to offer! There are sharks in the water, but fortunately for blackjack players, the only bite you’ll have to worry about is from some bad luck or from your own bad play. Finding a site is as easy as doing a simple keyword search. Try online casino and more options will pop up than you want to surf through. If you get specific and type in “online blackjack” or “Internet blackjack,” you’ll still have many results to choose from, but in a more specific and sharper light.

Where To Begin Playing Online Blackjack?

It is recommended that you find a site and play for free. Just get used to how everything looks, sounds and plays. Different sites will offer different options in regards to doubling, splitting, insurance and surrender and if you don’t know what any of those are, they will also be happy to tell you in their rules and help sections. But practicing here will allow you to begin to refine your skills so you will enjoy winning money as opposed to losing it!

When you get comfortable enough that you decide you want to play for money, there are a few options to consider. You may be able to continue playing just as you were at a specific site and you may want to then shop around for a site that fits your specific gambling needs. Maybe one offers a better start up bonus and will match your initial deposit. That’s a great way to start with a nice bankroll! So, you’ll need a credit card to deposit some funds to you account and if you’ve chosen a good site, you’ll probably have the ability to play your bonus money immediately, whether they matched your deposit or just offered it to you at sign-up. As in anything that you spend your money on, take the time to read the fine print. If they really want your business, they would expect you to do the same.

Once you’re registered and begin; play smart blackjack. Doubling on your 11’s, splitting aces and other high value cards and carefully considering the dealer’s hand when you draw a 16. For the true beginner, 16 is the absolute worst hand you can draw. The house (dealer) will draw to a 17 and will often hit on a soft 17 (when they hold an ace, the ace makes any hand soft=flexible). And if none of what you’re reading makes any sense, it is recommended that you do a quick Internet search of blackjack rules!

In no time, your status of beginner will burn off like a vapor and more than likely after one or two times at your new blackjack site of choice, you’ll feel like a regular. If playing online is a decision you made, to increase your skill level before hitting fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, congratulations, you made a smart move! Have fun!

Blackjack Rules

As with many card games, variations and house rules are abundant. The following is an outline of the basic rules of standard online blackjack, along with those house rules most commonly featured in casinos.

Unlike many other card games, blackjack is essentially a two-player game. Although many players may sit in a single round of blackjack, the player’s competition is the dealer, not the other players. The goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer by having the higher point total without going over 21. Point values of hands are calculated by adding up the values of the individual cards. 2 through 10 have face value, Jack, Queen, and King are worth 10 points each, and the Ace is worth either 1 or 11 points, at the discretion of the player. The highest combination of cards is a blackjack, also known as a natural 21, an opening deal of any ten-point card with an ace (10+11=21).

Player(s) and dealer begin with two cards apiece. Typically the players’ cards are face up, while the dealer has one face up and the other (the hole card) face down. After the cards have been dealt, any player holding a blackjack is immediately paid out – unless the dealer also has a blackjack, in which case there is a push, or draw, and all players not holding a blackjack lose immediately.

If neither players nor dealer have a blackjack, play continues. One by one, each player decides whether to hit, or take another card from the deck. Generally a player has the freedom to hit as many times as he or she would like, although some casinos do impose maximum card restrictions. When the player is satisfied with his or her hand, he or she chooses to stand, or hold. If the player acquires more than 21 points, he or she has a bust, and loses immediately.

After all players have decided to stand, the dealer reveals his hole card. The dealer then proceeds to hit or stand depending on the value of his hand. Any dealer with fewer than 17 points will hit until his hand reaches a value of 17 or greater. Casinos differ as to whether a dealer will hit on a soft 17 – that is, a hand of 17 containing an ace being counted as eleven points.

If the dealer has a bust, all players still left in the game win. Otherwise, the dealer will stand after reaching a pat hand – a hard hand of 17 or more. Players with higher point totals win their bet, while players with lower totals lose. As mentioned above, players with blackjacks win their bet plus a bonus, typically equal to half their original wager. In cases where both player and dealer have an equal number of points, there is a push. When the push is between two hands of 21 points, if either hand is a blackjack, that hand will win.

Those are the basic rules of the game. But numerous side rules allow for more intricate betting strategies for online blackjack players. The most widely practiced options are explained below, in the order in which they must be announced during a hand.