3 Reel vs. 5 Reel Slots – Strengths and Weaknesses

slots Canada There once was a time when casino floors were dominated by 3 reel online slots. The technology behind slot machines wasn’t what it is today, so these classic games were all that was available. Things have definitely changed now in Canada, though, with 5 reel online slots dominating the industry. 5 reel games are extremely popular, and the driving force behind this popularity is that they offer more paylines, betting options and bonus rounds. But does this mean that you should automatically play these games and completely forget 3 reel slots? Let’s answer this question by looking at the good and bad points of both types of slots.

3 Reel Slots

Strengths – One thing that immediately stands out about 3 reel slots is how simple the game design is. In some cases, there’s only a single payline to worry about and very limited betting options. And even if there are more paylines and options available, they’re not so plentiful that new players will get confused. For this reason 3 reel games are highly recommended for beginners.

Another huge advantage to these slots games is that they usually have a far better win frequency than 5 reel slots. The reason why is because the jackpot doesn’t make up such a large amount of the payout percentage, unlike 5 reel progressive slots. Many 3 reel games only have a 4,000-coin jackpot, which leaves plenty of room for smaller payouts across the board. So anybody who’s dealing with a limited bankroll will definitely want to consider these games.

Weaknesses – There are several weaknesses to playing slots with 3 reels, and they all revolve around the entertainment aspect. You won’t find too many games with 3D graphics, character animations or bonus rounds. The latter aspect is something that’s really given the online slots industry a boost because second-screen bonus rounds are so popular among players. Taking all of this into account, it’s easy to see why experienced players with large bankrolls don’t normally spend much time with 3 reels.

5 Reel Slots

Strengths – It’s pretty amazing how far slots have come since the late 1800s, when Charles Fey invented the first game. Nowhere is this more evident than with 5 reel slots, many of which are like a blend between video games and casino gaming. When you hit winning payouts on the more-modern 5 reel slot machines, the characters will perform entertaining actions. And if you unlock a bonus round, you’ll be taken to a second screen where you do something that’s totally different from spinning the reels.

Add in the fact that some 5 reel games are beginning to feature introduction videos and storylines, and you can really see why they’re so revered among players. Because of how many people flock to 5 reel titles, players can expect much larger jackpots. Some of the larger 5 reel progressives feature jackpots that are worth millions of dollars!

Weaknesses – These slots aren’t normally the most cost-effective route for recreational players. Oftentimes, people must bet the maximum coin size and/or number of paylines to qualify for the jackpot. And if you don’t meet the jackpot qualifications, you won’t have a chance at the optimal payout percentage. So players often need to bet $1 or more on every spin when they play 5 reel slots, which gets really expensive if you don’t hit any big payouts.

Deciding what’s Best for You

For some Canadian players, online slots is all about the experience. So these people will probably find themselves most interested in the bonus rounds, 3D graphics and big payouts of 5 reel games. However, anybody who’s a beginner or just looking for the best way to conserve their bankroll may discover that 3 reel slots are the answer to their gaming needs. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching your play and trying both types of games out too. Either way you’ll be competing for big prizes while having fun in the process!